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Auto-Flush is a prototype created for the execution of the After Flush Volume test in a completely autonomous way and allows hundreds of tests to be carried out without operator intervention. The machine is equipped with software on a touch screen PC, pump and hydraulic system for water reuse, magnetic sensor for detecting the specimens, pneumatic system for handling, two load cells for weight detection and electrical panel on board the machine including PLC control system. The module is intended for the production line and uses silicone specimens with metal part made by our company. The prototype, in beta-test at a selected customer, will be placed on the market shortly.

"IS analisys" is a sophisticated graphical analysis software that measures and evaluates the quantity of water flowing out of the bowl after flushing, to classify the drop according to their size and to collect data for analysis.
The pics, used by the program, are taken by a high quality camera installed in the upper part of the Flushtec module.

The software is used for the oversplash test according to the EN997 standard.
The video shows the simple use of this software.

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